Week 4: Your Digital Footprint (RTA 103)

No, it’s not just the picture I made for this week but I do promise that it’s interesting. So this week, we had a lecture on a topic that strays away from graphic design and it has just as much of an impact: it’s about your presence on the internet.

I figured I had some sort of presence having a blog, social media and all. What I wasn’t exactly aware about was how buying items from a store also builds this footprint- WHAT?? And I’m not necessarily talking about amazon, eBay or any online stores. There’s also places like Target and Walmart! To top it off, people are even selling information to marketing companies. This all feels very 1984 because Big Brother is indeed watching you...

That being said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it certainly could help you in the sense that they’re trying to see what shows and products appeal to you. Is it worth it? Well that’s up for debate I guess…

There is a way to control your digital footprint and of course I’m referencing back to social media. This raises the question about my thoughts regarding digital presence. I personally don’t have anything too radical on the internet (sorry guys) and in fact, I don’t post on social media too often or at least nothing public. Everything is in private on my accounts. Personally, I wouldn’t really change it all to much, I’ve always posted with the understanding that an employer could search for my profiles so I think I’m good. In the end it’s all subjective, but I say you can be open and authentic for sure- just be careful about how you go on about it!

It has also come my notice that there are quite a lot of projects available online that raise netizen awareness and keeps them informed. So I decided to explore with a few episodes of the documentary titled Do Not Track (https://donottrack-doc.com/en/) and The Online Identity Project (http://onlineidentityproject.com/2016/08/jennifer-li/). One of the most eyeopening things that was discovered through the documentary was how all of these internet cookies and waves of advertisements had such a huge presence, ultimately because we do not pay for a lot of online services. It was also pretty crazy that a company like Illuminus could go as far as to predict your viability for health insurance- WOW! In spite of my witnessing of the rise of online campaigns and their impact, The Online Identity Project really opened my eyes with how much easier and how effective it is to start a movement with a keyboard and a website. Truly amazing! I really recommend you try these out for yourselves. I on the other hand will keep watching more episodes of Do Not Track while you’re at it.

Stay informed,




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